Who Are We?

Helping Hands was founded in 2008 by the Olympia Pacesetters 4-H Club and Stanford Council of Churches. We are located in the parsonage of the Stanford Church of God, where we operate the food pantry and clothing exchange. Most food distributed through our food pantry is sourced from Midwest Food Bank. Please browse our website for more information about the food pantry, clothing exchange, Stanford Sprouts Community Garden, and updates on our blog and Facebook page.

Food, clothing, small household goods, and cash donations are accepted. However, we ask that donations be delivered on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons when the HHCC Clothing Exchange is open and not left on the front porch. This helps protect the donated items from the weather and allows volunteers to display the items for clients in a timely manner.

Volunteers are also welcomed. Please email or call for more information.

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Donations help ensure we can continue to provide for our community, including assistance with our general operations (keeping the lights and heat on!) and allowing us to purchase additional food and consumable household items on a monthly basis for food pantry patrons. We appreciate your continued support of the greater Allin township community!