Porch Produce Exchange

We’re excited to announce a new addition to HHCC, the Porch Produce Exchange!

We’ve created this because lots of people like to leave extra produce on our porch, but we don’t always have the food pantry open for individuals to come and get it. Now, we have a 24-hour produce pantry available to all!

Here’s how it works:
– If you have produce you would like to share, please put it in the labeled boxes on the bookshelf.
– Feel free to leave, take, or trade produce as you please!
– Open to ALL community members!

We’ll still have periodic produce pick-up opportunities as we’re able to get it from Midwest Food Bank. This is a little something extra to share with our whole community.

The Porch Produce Exchange will likely be closed during the winter, and we will post more information on dates of operation in the fall.